Public Comment Items

Some refuse fee changes have been proposed and are open for public comment. Proposed refuse fee changes would impact compost drop off and residential dumpster, green waste, and special pickup fees. Review the original proposed resolution and the more recent alternative proposal presented to the City Council in October as staff and council continue to evaluate options.

Also under consideration are the following development code changes (additions are in blue and deletions are in red when viewing the proposed code changes linked below):

Section 151.04.004-Dumping or Disposal of Rubbish. This language is being removed because the dumping and disposal of rubbish provisions are located in other sections of the City Code.

Section 151.06.004-Home Based Businesses. This Section is being amended to prohibit automotive sales as a Home Based Business.  Automotive sales are defined as the sale of two or more vehicles at any given time.

Article 151.10, Signs Regulations.  This language applies specifically to Section 151.10.008 Sign Regulations for Commercial and Industrial Zoning Districts. The proposed amendment would remove the minimum panel size requirement for multi-tenant and shopping center free-standing sign.

Section 151.02.004, Definitions; Section 151.06.004, Accessory Dwelling Units; Section 151.22.006, Matrix of Use Permissions by Zoning District. Review proposed changes.

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