A Council-Manager form of government

The City of Sierra Vista is a Council-Manager municipality. The Council-Manager form of government capitalizes on a basic tenet of American democracy: the separation of legislative and executive powers. As such, the City Council defines public policy while the City Manager administers that policy and oversees the day-to-day operation of the city.

Sierra Vista residents regularly give the City high marks for services and programs. It is a testament to the policies of their elected leaders and the service provided by dedicated employees.

The Sierra Vista City Council is comprised of a Mayor and six Council members who are elected at large to staggered four-year terms. Elections are strictly non-partisan.

Mayor Rick Mueller. In addition to mayoral duties, Mayor Mueller is the Council liaison to the Personnel Advisory Board, the Upper San Pedro Partnership, the Sierra Vista Metropolitan Planning Organization, the Municipal Property Corporation, Board of Adjustment, the Rural Transportation Advisory Committee, Employee Benefit TrustFire Pension Board and the Police Pension Board. Mayor Mueller is an alternate member of the SEAGO board.

Council Member William Benning. In addition to duties as a Council member, Mr. Benning serves as Council liaison to the Cultural Diversity and Parks & Recreation commissions.

Mayor Pro Tem Rachel Gray. In addition to duties as a Mayor Pro Tem, Ms. Gray serves as Council liaison to the Planning and Zoning Commission and a board member of the Sierra Vista Industrial Development Authority, SEAGO, and the Sierra Vista Metropolitan Planning Organization. Council Member Gray is an alternate member of the Rural Transportation Advisory Committee and the Upper San Pedro Partnership.

Council Member Gregory Johnson

Council Member Angelica Landry.

Council Member Sarah Pacheco. In addition to duties as Council member, Ms. Pacheco serves as Council liaison to the Airport and Youth commissions; and as a member of the Upper San Pedro Partnership and the Sierra Vista Metropolitan Planning Organization.

Council Member Carolyn Umphrey. In addition to duties as a Council member, Ms. Umphrey serves as Council liaison to the Arts and Humanities and West End commissions. Ms. Umphrey also serves as an alternate member of the Upper San Pedro Partnership.

Council’s Strategic Plans

Vista 2030 General Plan CoverThe Sierra Vista Mayor and Council regularly develop two-year strategic leadership plans to promote strategic leadership and performance and guide the community into the future.

This plan is based on the City’s 10-year General Plan, Vista 2030.

Email the Council

Hands on a laptop computerSend an email to the Mayor and the entire council group, or to individual members by clicking on their name above. Council members’ contact information is also listed in the directory.