The City of Sierra Vista welcomes citizen involvement and serving on a commission is a great way to serve. Commission members are appointed by City Council to serve two-year terms with a limit of three consecutive terms.

If you would like to serve on a commission, click on the "Members" tab on commissions below to see if there are vacancies. If no vacancies are available, you may still be able to participate as a non-voting associate member. Click here to download an application.

The following commissions were established to assist City Council in gathering information about important City functions:

Airport Commission

The Airport Commission was created by Ordinance 220 on April 12, 1973 as the Aviation Commission, and re-established on December 12, 1996 as the Airport Commission by Resolution 3719. The Commission’s purpose is to provide public input and citizen participation on the policies and procedures that affect the operation and use of the Sierra Vista Municipal Airport, and promote the growth and expansion of airport services to the general public.

Arts & Humanities Commission

The Arts and Humanities Commission was created in 1980. The purpose of the Commission is to advise City Council on art in public places, foster the City as a strong supporter of cultural activities for the community, and develop short and long term plans relating to arts and humanities activities and facilities in the community.

Cultural Diversity Commission

The Commission on Cultural Diversity was established by Resolution 2007-064 on April 26, 2007. The Commission of seven members was designed to promote and improve relations and understanding among the many diverse ethnic and cultural segments of the City of Sierra Vista.

Commission on Disability Issues

The Commission on Disability Issues was established by Resolution 3702 to act as a liaison between the City and its disabled population. On January 13, 2011 the bylaws were amended via Resolution 2011-011.

Environmental Affairs Commission

The Environmental Affairs Commission was established in 1993 to advise the City Council on environmental issues, programs, and procedures relating to reduction, reuse, recycling, energy conservation, environmental stewardship, waste management, regulatory compliance, water conservation, community education, and environmental demonstration projects.

Library Commission

The Library Advisory Commission was established in 1960 to advise the City Council regarding library services and requirements, and to assist the City in promoting library services to the public.

Parks & Recreation Commission

The Parks and Recreation Commission was established in 1971 to advise the City Council in the establishment of essential policies, procedures, rules, and regulations relating to the planning, acquisition, disposition, operation, use, care, and maintenance of areas and structures owned, leased, or otherwise acquired by the City for use as park and recreation facilities.

Planning & Zoning Commission

The Planning and Zoning Commission was established in 1959 to formulate and recommend to the City Council a long-term master plan for the development of the City, to make surveys and studies of present conditions and future growth, to hold public hearings on all proposed amendments to the City’s plan prior to going to Council, and to conduct itself in accordance with City Codes and State Statues.

Tourism Commission

The Tourism Commission was established by the Sierra Vista City Council in 2008 by Resolution 2008-181. Its purpose is to advise City Council on policies and strategies related to tourism marketing and visitor services.

West End Commission

The West End Commission was established as the Downtown Neighborhood Commission on October 24, 1996 by Resolution 3843 to advise City Council on the establishment of plans, policies, and strategies relating to the revitalization and enhancement of properties on the west side of Sierra Vista. On February 28, 2008, the Downtown Neighborhood Commission was re-established as the West End Commission.

Youth Commission

Originally created as the Youth Council in 1972, the body was restructured as a commission in 1996. The purpose of the Youth Commission is to advise the City Council on matters of concern to the youth of Sierra Vista, recommend and encourage action programs and legislation beneficial to the youth of the community, promote better understanding and integration of youth and the local government, and assist in the planning, operation, and evaluation of the local service delivery system for youth-related services as consumers of these services.