Vista Transit to modify routes due to staff shortages

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As of Monday, May 9, Vista Transit is suspending the Brown, Orange, and Green lines due to staffing shortages, while adding a temporary Yellow Line to serve vital stops along two of the three lines.

The Yellow Line will pick up vital stops previously served by the Green and Orange lines, including Canyon Vista Medical Center and the Department of Economic Security. For now, stops along the Saturday-only Brown Line to Fort Huachuca will not be serviced.

“We understand that changes to our regular bus routes can create a hardship,” says Public Works Director Sharon Flissar, noting that the temporary Yellow Line will serve the most critical stops along the Green and Orange lines.

Vista Transit, which is managed by the City of Sierra Vista Public Works Department, plans to restart all three suspended lines as soon as staff levels permit.

The Yellow Line will leave the Transit Center at the top of the hour and complete its loop in 55 minutes.

The Blue and Red lines will not be affected by this change, nor will paratransit service.

Riders are urged to call Vista Transit at (520) 417-4888 or email with questions about the route changes.

The City has several full- and part-time positions open, including bus drivers, public safety, finance, and more. Interested candidates can apply online at


Yellow Line Schedule
Transit Center :00
7th St / Quail Hollow :05
7th St / Charles Dr. :06
St. Andrew Church :10
North Ave. / Taylor Dr. :11
N. Garden / Whitton St. :12
Carmichael Ave. / Busby Dr. :16
Carmichael Ave. / Timothy Ln. :17
Busby Dr. / 7th St. :20
Transit Center :30
Cochise College Downtown Campus :31
Bank of America :32
Sonic :33
Food City :35
Cloud 9 :38
Canyon Vista Medical Center (East) :41
Pedro Castro Center :44
Giulio Cesare Ave. / Charleston Rd. :45
Campus Dr. / Colombo Ave. :47
Campus Dr. / Hwy 90 :50
Walmart :51
Transit Center :55