Vista Transit reduces discount fare

Adam Curtis Public Affairs Press Releases

Vista Transit will reduce its discount fare available to seniors, people with disabilities, and students from 75 cents to 60 cents effective Monday, Dec. 31.

The change is being made to comply with a Federal Transit Administration requirement that seniors and people with disabilities be charged no more than 50 percent of the peak hour fare. Vista Transit’s regular fare is $1.25 and will remain unchanged on Dec. 31.

To be eligible for the discount fare, riders must fill out an application for a Discount Identification Card. Applications are available at the Transit Center, located at 2050, E. Wilcox Avenue, and on the City’s website, The cards are available for seniors ages 65 and up, students, and people with disabilities.

To use the discounted fare, riders must present their discount card to the driver and have exact change for the ride.

Vista Transit also offers a special $1 fare for members of the military and that fare will not change on Dec. 31.

For more information, contact Vista Transit at (520) 417-4888.