SVPD refers nine high school students for drug related charges

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The Sierra Vista Police Department referred nine juveniles at Buena High School for drug related charges on Friday, Nov. 2.

The referrals resulted from a joint investigation conducted by SVPD School Resource Officer Lori Burdick and Buena High School administration that began on Monday, Oct. 29. The juvenile’s ages ranged from 15 to 16 and were referred for charges that varied by each individual case. The charges include: possession of a tobacco product, possession of an electronic cigarette, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana in a drug free zone, possession of a narcotic drug in a drug free school zone, and possession of a prescription only drug in a drug free school zone.

Charges are pending on an additional juvenile until further follow up is completed.

Anyone with information relevant to this investigation is asked to contact SVPD School Resource Officer Lori Burdick at (520) 803-3555.