SVPD hosts “Know Your Limit” DUI outreach at Oktoberfest

Adam Curtis Police Press Releases, Public Affairs Press Releases

For the third straight year, the Sierra Vista Police Department conducted DUI outreach at the City’s annual Oktoberfest event in Veterans Memorial Park to raise awareness of just how little alcohol it takes to reach the legal blood alcohol content limit of 0.08

The outreach was conducted as part of the Know Your Limit Program, sponsored by the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, and was performed in coordination with the Southeastern Arizona DUI Task Force. SVPD officers invited Oktoberfest attendees to use a handheld portable breathalyzer to test their blood alcohol content. These volunteers got to see their results and were provided a Know Your Limit Program card, which defines a “standard drink” of alcohol, describes how long it takes to process alcohol, and lists penalties for driving under the influence in Arizona.

Of the 24 volunteers who participated, the average blood alcohol content was 0.07 and the highest recorded blood alcohol content was 0.192. In Arizona, a blood alcohol content of just 0.05 or higher can contribute, along with other evidence, to a DUI arrest.

“Several participants thanked our officers for taking the time to conduct this hands-on DUI education,” says Cpl. Tim Wachtel, SVPD DUI task force coordinator and public information officer.  “This annual outreach event has proved to be a successful component of our department’s ongoing DUI enforcement and education efforts, which are conducted with the support of the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety.”

The state’s Know Your Limit Program has been employed by agencies throughout Arizona after being piloted by the Scottsdale Police Department in 2009.