Speed limit reduced on Tacoma Street east of Coronado Drive

Adam Curtis Public Affairs Press Releases

The speed limit along Tacoma Street east of Coronado Drive and west of Arbenz Field will change from 35 mph to 25 mph next week.

New speed limit signs are expected to be installed on Monday and the change will take effect as soon as signs are in place. The speed limit east of this zone along Tacoma Street will remain 15 mph.

“We’ve cited numerous speeders in this area in recent months, to include some traveling 20 mph or more over the 15 mph speed limit,” says Sierra Vista Police Department Sgt. Brian Sebastian, a member of the City’s traffic safety committee. “The goal of lowering the speed limit immediately preceding the 15 mph zone is to reduce the incidence of dangerous speeding in an area where children are often present playing sports.”

SVPD officers will continue patrolling these areas and will take appropriate action when they observe a violation. Please help keep residents in our community safe by obeying the posted speed limit.