Special Events

Interested in hosting an event in one of Sierra Vista's parks or city streets? If so, you'll need to apply for a Special Events Permit. Questions? Email the Events Permit staff or call us at (520) 417-6980.

Special Event Permits

A special event permit is required by anyone planning to conduct a special event within the city of Sierra Vista that will take place in a City park or facility, or block or close a City roadway, right of way, or sidewalk.  The permit will be issued once all conditions are met, and advertising should not take place until a permit is issued.  The links below contain information about each type of event, fees involved, timelines, checklists, and the application.

If you are planning to have your event in a City park or facility, please note the Special Event Permit application does not constitute a reservation of the space.  Please contact the Oscar Yrun Community center at (520) 458-7922 or the Ethel Berger Center at (520) 417-6980 to check for space availability and rental fees for the location you are interested in prior to submitting a Special Event Permit application. 

A Special Event  means any planned community or competitive event that takes place on public property including parks, streets, buildings, and/or sidewalks that is open to the general public, appeals to a broad representation of ages and interests, and offers a cultural, artistic, educational, or entertainment experience, or any planned race walk, derby or event whether human powered or otherwise, that involves a contest of skill(s) and/or strength and takes place upon a public right of way or in a park. It may also be an event that combines more than one category of event, such as a race and exhibition in a park.

A Public Assembly/1st Amendment Activity means a public gathering, demonstration, picket, rally, ceremony, celebration, or other gathering of persons for which a march, procession or assembly does not stay on the sidewalk or the event requires blocking traffic or a street closure; a large rally/assembly requiring the use of a sound amplifying device; or a rally/assembly at designated parks or plazas.

The designated park areas are the ramadas at Veterans Memorial Park, Tompkins Park and Len Roberts Park.