Slow Living

In Sierra Vista, we take living seriously. Every day, we get down to the business of life with things like enjoying a game of golf, coaching kids’ sports, growing juicy tomatoes, and drinking in brilliant sunsets. Because life is about spending time doing joyful things.

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.Maya Angelou

Sure, the endless stream of stuff to do in the big city can be exciting, but the trade-off of traffic jams, air pollution, noise, crime, and keeping up with the Joneses might be siphoning your energy from things that matter: your health, your family, and the hobbies you’re really passionate about.

Sierra Vista, a right-sized community of 44,000, has all the amenities of a big city–without the hubbub and chaos of city living. Far from boring, Sierra Vista is abuzz with technology and innovation. Some of the brightest minds in the nation call Sierra Vista home, thanks to the tech-forward missions at Fort Huachuca and STEM-focused schools. After hours, weekends, and in between, there is always something to do.

Whether you work in oxfords or high-tops, Sierra Vista is the place turn your passion into reality, to break away from the the corporate grind, to stand independently behind a business–your business–and thrive. Sierra Vista has a highly skilled, ready workforce, and abundant and affordable commercial property.

Sierra Vista invites you to take a step back from the crazy-fast pace of today. Regroup and let your senses soar. Make plans. Hike a mountain, ride a bike. Barbecue. Stargaze. Explore Arizona’s wine region. Trust us, the city will be there whenever you need a fix. For now, enjoy life! Discover Sierra Vista.

Slow living is defined as a lifestyle that emphasizes a slower approach to the aspects of everyday life. The term “slow” is actually an acronym meaning Sustainable, Local, Organic, Whole.