Sierra Vistans encouraged to share Hummingbirds of Hope

Adam Curtis Public Affairs Press Releases

While daily life as we know it has changed, the completion of a large public mural in the City’s West End this week provides a beautiful reminder that our community will get through this difficult time together, even as we must spend more time apart.

To reinforce this message, the City of Sierra Vista has made a Hummingbirds of Hope Coloring Book so local residents can create and share pieces of art that inspire a sense of hope and connection to our friends and neighbors. The coloring book is available for download on the City’s homepage at If residents do not have a printer at home, they are encouraged to create their own custom Hummingbirds of Hope using whatever materials they have on hand.

Sierra Vistans can then place their homemade hummingbirds in their house or vehicle windows, or in their yards, so people driving or walking by can spot them. Feel free to post about the hummingbirds you make or spot via social media using the hashtags #SierraVistaTogether and #HummingBirdsofHope. Just be sure not to share addresses, to stay off of private property, and to maintain a safe distance of at least 6 feet from other people.

“Sierra Vista is widely known as the Hummingbird Capital of the United States and these extraordinary little birds that migrate great distances are perfect symbols of the hope and resilience that ties our community together during these difficult times,” City of Sierra Vista Public Information Officer Adam Curtis says. “Much like the beautiful larger-than-life mural now complete in the City’s West End, these little Hummingbirds of Hope can help remind us all that there will be a brighter tomorrow for our community.”

Water tower mural showcases hummingbirds

Residents can drive by the new mural on the water tower located at the corner of Denman Avenue and Canyon Drive to add its two larger-than-life hummingbirds to their list of Hummingbirds of Hope sightings.

Funded by the City of Sierra Vista and Liberty Utilities, this beautiful mural was designed and completed by local artist Carrie Olaje. The design was selected by the City Council in September based on recommendations made by the Arts & Humanities Commission. The City received 18 designs from 13 artists after the City issued an open call for artists to submit proposals for a mural at this site.