Sierra Vista Community Arts & Humanities Awards 2019 cancelled

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Commission seeks to expand and improve event in 2020

The Sierra Vista Arts and Humanities Commission has cancelled the Sierra Vista Community Arts & Humanities Awards 2019 and will focus on improving the event for next year.

“After careful consideration and discussion, we believe it is vital to take a step back to ponder the impact of these awards on the community as a whole,” Arts and Humanities Commission Member Anastasia Dean says. “We decided to cancel this year’s awards to allow us to come back in 2020 with expanded categories and a more effective nominations process to garner greater participation from the community at large.”

The commission voted to cancel the awards ceremony — which was set for Sunday, Jan. 26 — at its meeting in December. The awards timeline was compressed and the majority of nominations received did not cover current categories and did not meet the criteria outlined in the call for nominations. The commission also wants to better include younger demographics in the community and appeal to a broader audience.

“We have the greatest respect for anyone who has been nominated. We want an opportunity to do them justice by giving them an award that is meaningful,” Dean says. The commission wants to improve the process so the award carries the prestige similar to a juried art show with broad participation and competition.

“We look forward to calling for nominations in 2020,” Dean says.