Shop Local, Buy Local

confident-brewerDid you know that shopping locally not only keeps your dollars in Sierra Vista, it actually makes an economic impact far greater your expenditure? This phenomenon, called the economic multiplier, means that your dollars circulate through the local economy enough times to make an impact of up to 4 times greater than what comes out of your pocket.

As your dollar travels through the economy, it is used to pay employees, who buy groceries, fuel, and other goods until it eventually “leaks” out of the local economy through other expenditures like non-local taxes, corporations, out-of-town trips, and online purchases.

philadelphia-baking-company-11Shopping locally also helps make Sierra Vista a nicer place to live, with well maintained infrastructure, safe parks and playgrounds, library programs, and public safety personnel. It also helps your friends and neighbors, who work for–or even own–local businesses.

The phrase “shop local” slips into conversations readily enough.  But the end result is buying locally. So shop online and out of town, read reviews and compare prices.  But when it comes time to make a purchase, buy Sierra Vista and put your money where your house is.