Residents urged not to fall for phone scams using scare tactics

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The Sierra Vista Police Department has received numerous reports from local residents regarding phone scams in which the caller demanded money for a ransom or a bond and claimed that a relative or relatives of the victim had been kidnapped or are in custody of law enforcement.

The SVPD urges residents to never comply with callers demanding money or pressuring them to reveal personal information. Instead, collect any information available on caller ID about the incoming call and provide no information to the caller. Sometimes callers may even have a relative’s name or some personal information they obtained through social media or by other means.

“Regardless of what they ask you to do, tell them you have to call them back and then immediately contact the police. Be sure to report any attempted fraud or extortion,” SVPD Sgt. Brian Sebastian says. “If a threat has been made against another person, or if the scammer claims someone is in danger, the police can help ensure that individual is in fact safe.”

Callers frequently spoof official publicly available numbers, to include those of law enforcement agencies. This means that the number appearing on caller ID may not be the actual number of the person calling. It’s important to hang up and contact law enforcement directly.

Anyone who has received a possible scam phone call or text message can report it by calling the Sierra Vista Police Department at (520) 452-7500.