Residents reminded to keep overgrowth in check

Adam Curtis Public Affairs Press Releases

With an active monsoon bringing plentiful summer rain to Sierra Vista this year, weeds have grown tall on many properties and residents are reminded to keep overgrowth in check.

Tall grass or weeds can attract mosquitoes and snakes, while also detracting from the aesthetics of a neighborhood. City code requires properties to be maintained free from weeds or untended plant growth in excess of 12 inches in height.

Property owners or occupants are responsible for tending to sidewalks and alleys that are adjacent to their homes, so they remain in a safe and sanitary condition. Homeowners or occupants are also responsible for the area between their property line and the mid-point of any abutting alleyway.

“We’ve received numerous complaints in recent weeks regarding overgrowth on private property,” City Code Enforcement Officer Jessica Vannoy says. “We’re working with local residents and property owners to get these issues resolved in a timely manner. Whenever possible we work cooperatively to bring properties into compliance and we encourage everyone to be patient as residents address overgrowth issues.”

Residents are also reminded to keep portable basketball hoops clear of public rights-of-way like sidewalks when they are not in use. To contact the City’s Code Enforcement officers for more information or to report a potential code violation, call (520) 417-4413.

The City of Sierra Vista Public Works Department is also tending to overgrowth in public spaces but it will take time to get to all the areas that need attention as our rainy season winds down. Any safety concerns associated with overgrowth or storm impacts in public areas like sidewalks, washes, or multi-use paths, can be reported to Public Works by calling (520) 458-5775.

City refuse customer tending to their properties are welcome to schedule free green waste pickups. Pickups can be scheduled for most Wednesdays and must be arranged by 5 p.m. the Monday prior. Schedule them online at or by calling (520) 458-7530.

Green waste must be bagged, bundled, boxed, or place in reusable containers. Please note, no green waste pickups are available on Wednesday, Sept. 8, due to the shifted pickup schedule in place for the Labor Day holiday on Monday, Sept. 7.