Reported scam fakes law enforcement phone number

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The Sierra Vista Police Department has received a report regarding a scam phone call that was made to appear like it came from a Cochise County Sheriff’s Office phone line.

This tactic is commonly known as “caller ID spoofing” and can be used by scammers to make the phone call seem credible and intimidate people into providing money or sharing sensitive information. In this case, the scammer falsely identified themselves as a law enforcement official and sought payment for an outstanding warrant.

Should an individual have any suspicion that a governmental number is being hijacked in this manner, he or she should hang up and call the organization directly to verify or report the call.

Any area residents who believe they have been targeted by a scam and provided either money or personal information should also report it to Southeastern Arizona Communications (SEACOM) non-emergency dispatch line at (520) 803-3551.