Refund Policy

City customers billed for services, such as but not limited to; sewer and sanitation services, permits, general billing, etc, that may require a refund due to cancellation, error, or otherwise, will receive such refund in a form of a check, payable to the customer on record, regardless of the original form of payment.

Same-day refunds on transactions processed by check will result in the check being returned to the customer.

Original transactions processed by debit/credit card must be refunded on the same debit/credit card.  Transactions paid by debit or credit cards will be processed using the same tender type as the original transaction and can only be returned if the refund is requested on the same day as the original transaction.

Government-issued identification cards will be necessary for completion of these transactions.

Note: Debit/credit card information is not retained beyond close of business the transaction occurred.