Protect bicycles from theft

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The Sierra Vista Police Department reminds residents to take simple precautions to protect their bicycles from theft and, in the event a bicycle is stolen, ensure it can be quickly identified if found.

In the past year, SVPD received 86 reports of stolen bicycles. In most of these cases, the bicycles were not secured. This makes them easy targets of opportunity for criminals.

Once stolen, the bicycles are commonly altered with a new paint job and by switching parts between different stolen bicycles to alter their appearance. Bicycle owners who report a theft usually cannot provide any identifying information aside from the make, model, and color. Once a bicycle has been altered, it becomes difficult to identify it and return it to the owner.

What can you do?

First and foremost, bicycle owners should record the serial number. SVPD recommends taking a photo of the serial number and photo of the bicycle itself to have available if needed.

Next, local bicycle owners are urged to register their bicycle with SVPD. To do this, fill out the online form available on the City’s website. This way bicycles that are found can be quickly matched with information on file and returned to their owners.

Lastly, anytime a bicycle is left unattended it should be properly secured with a high-quality bicycle lock or placed inside a secure building. Be sure the bicycle’s frame, and not just a wheel, is secured.