Police Priority Dispatch System goes live at SEACOM on Tuesday

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Southeastern Arizona Communications (SEACOM) will implement the Police Priority Dispatch System on Tuesday, July 20, expanding the regional dispatch center’s ability to provide Cochise County residents enhanced service in emergency situations.

After implementation of the same system for fire and medical calls last year, the addition of Priority Dispatch System for law enforcement calls makes SEACOM one of just a handful of dispatch centers in Arizona capable of offering pre-arrival and post-dispatch instructions to callers reporting all types of emergencies. This enables dispatchers to provide vetted instructions to callers for whatever situation they find themselves in so they know how to help while responders are still en route.

The intuitive software standardizes the call taking process using an internationally recognized system that guides dispatchers through each call, provides prompts for questions to ask, and automatically prioritizes calls based on the responses given. Appropriate resources are dispatched to the incident while the dispatcher continues asking questions to get additional information for the responding units. This means there is no delay in response and ensures responders have all the information and tools they need when they arrive on scene.

“We’re excited to further enhance SEACOM’s capabilities and offer our law enforcement subscribers a proven system that has already been a major benefit for fire and medical response,” SEACOM Director Michael Cline says. “This system ensures everyone is always on the same page and able to provide the highest standard of service on every call.”

The Priority Dispatch System includes ProQA software and card sets, continual quality improvement benchmarks, ongoing training, and certification through the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch. This constantly evolving system helps SEACOM offer the highest standard of care to the community and manage resources as efficiently as possible. SEACOM dispatchers have obtained certification in each discipline totaling 56 training hours, regularly complete continuing education courses, and must recertify in each discipline every two years.


Southeastern Arizona Communications (SEACOM) provides emergency services communications for subscribed agencies throughout Cochise County. Public safety dispatchers are responsible for answering emergency and non-emergency calls, on average receiving more 600 phone calls a day. Through the process of gathering information from callers, dispatchers determine the necessary response, provide field units with updated call status over the radio and through documentation using computer aided dispatch (CAD), and continue to provide support for the field units throughout the duration of the call.

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