Payment system upgrade will limit credit card processing on Friday

Adam Curtis Public Affairs Press Releases

Several City facilities will be unable to process credit or debit card transactions on Friday, April 14, while the point of sale system is updated to provide increased security and improve efficiency.

The upgrade will enable the City to verify credit and debit cards using chips, which is considered more secure than using card readers that rely on swiping a card’s magnetic stripe. The upgrade will also make processing and reconciling payments more efficient.

Credit and debit card processing will be unavailable at the following facilities on Friday, April 14: City Hall, the police department, the Pedro Castro Center, Fire Station 3, and the Vista Transit Center. While the upgrade is anticipated to be completed in a single day, it’s possible that credit and debit card processing could remain offline at some sites through Monday, April 17. Leisure and Library Services facilities will not be impacted by this upgrade.

Affected facilities will still be able to accept cash and checks during the upgrade. Cash and check payments will be credited to your account on either Monday, April 17, or Tuesday, April 18. Credit and debit cards can still be used for online payments during the upgrade. Go to, highlight “I Want to,” and then highlight “Pay Online” to see the dropdown menu for online payments.