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Sierra Vista has the perfect balance of lifestyle and affordability. Whether you're embarking on a new telecommuting life chapter, launching your own business, or aiming for retirement, Sierra Vista offers an extraordinary lifestyle and uncommon opportunity.

A right-sized community of about 45,000, but serving a population four times greater, Sierra Vista delivers a satisfying mix of big city amenities in a safe community with exceptional educational opportunities and an outdoor lifestyle.

As a community steeped in technology, Sierra Vista should be on the short-list of any telecommuter looking for an affordable community with plenty of wide open spaces. Some of the brightest minds in the nation call Sierra Vista home, thanks to the tech-forward missions at Fort Huachuca and STEM-focused schools. After hours, weekends, and in between, there is always something to do, thanks to a year 'round temperate climate, many events and festivals, and nearby communities--each with their own unique characteristic.

Most homes in Sierra Vista are minutes from mountain trails and the city center, making in-town errands quick and end-of-the-day nature excursions easy. The average commute is just 16 minutes.

With everything you need--and nothing you don't--Sierra Vista is a great place for young professionals. Retirees are also captivated by Sierra Vista, often coming to visit for a few days only to find themselves liking the area so much that they purchase a home and stay. In fact, Sierra Vista was named as one of the top ten small communities to retire in America's 100 Best Places to Retire, and one of Arizona's best places to live, work, and play by AZ Big Media.

Sierra Vistans enjoy lower cost of living than the state and national average, with the cost of an average home price at $166,200, and a median household income at $63,284, higher than the state's average and nearly on par with the nation's. Located along the foothills of the Huachuca Mountains, Sierra Vista is an easy 28-mile drive from I-10 and major transportation infrastructure.

"The wife and I visited Sierra Vista from Northern California last week. We drove all around, morning, noon and night, basically took in the whole town. You people live in one awesome place. Rush hour traffic is like Sunday morning traffic here. The city itself is very clean and overall, your roads are great. You're friendly, easy going, helpful, proud and the list goes on. Yeah, you gotta put up with the heat and some critters here and there, but your city far exceeded our expectations.
We smiled the entire trip."

Larry Tait


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