Living Here

Click to read articleSierra Vista, with a population of just over 42,000, has no shortage of enticing traits that make it a community of choice for all types of people seeking an affordable cost of living, a temperate climate with year-round outdoor recreation, and an attractive balance of small-town charm with big-city amenities. Sierra Vista is a great place for young professionals, with 16.9% of its residents being 25 to 34 years old, making that the most common age range in the 2010 Census. Retirees are also captivated by Sierra Vista, often coming to visit for a few days only to find themselves liking the area so much that they purchase a home and stay. At 14.2%, Sierra Vista’s poverty rate is significantly lower than the county, state, and national averages, while its median household income is much higher at $63,284 per year.

"The wife and I visited Sierra Vista from Northern California last week. We drove all around, morning, noon and night, basically took in the whole town. You people live in one awesome place. Rush hour traffic is like Sunday morning traffic here. The city itself is very clean and overall, your roads are great. You're friendly, easy going, helpful, proud and the list goes on. Yeah, you gotta put up with the heat and some critters here and there, but your city far exceeded our expectations.
We smiled the entire trip."

Larry Tait

An unhurried lifestyle and community infrastructure designed for safe vehicle travel, Sierra Vista ranks as one of the communities in Arizona with the best drivers. In a 2018 study by attorney firm Skousen, Gulbrandsen & Patience, Sierra Vista's crash statistics are lower than most Arizona communities. The ratio of vehicle crashes to population is just over 1%, and the crash to population percentage, verses the average, lists Sierra Vista at a whopping 45%, meaning that divers here drive 45% better than the rest of Arizonans.

Sierra Vista embraces the "slow living" lifestyle, where residents easily balance work and life. With the extraordinary open spaces just out your door, short commutes, a year 'round temperate climate, and plenty of healthy eating options, embracing things that make a life whole is, well, a whole lot easier. Learn more about Sierra Vista's place in the slow living movement, or scroll down to explore more about living in Sierra Vista.