Fry Forward – Traffic Simulations

The videos below show engineers' predictions of how traffic will flow along West Fry Boulevard with proposed lane reductions to one in each direction plus a center turn lane. The simulations use projected traffic flow for the year 2040, which accounts for expected population growth.

Please note, the simulated vehicles are not traveling in "real time." If they were, you'd be waiting for traffic signal changes for several minutes per cycle! Also, the commutes do account for the time needed for Fort Huachuca security personnel to check identification for traffic entering the Post.

West Fry Blvd. - Morning Commute
West Fry Blvd. - Evening Commute
East Fry Blvd. - Morning Commute
East Fry Blvd. - Evening Commute
What are these simulations based on?

City engineers conducted traffic studies in late 2019. They placed traffic counters across the roadways that count the number of cars traveling in both directions throughout the day. This data was provided to traffic engineers at the EPS Group, who developed the projections and simulations.

The images below were presented at the March 4, 2020 Public Input meeting. You can see the planned changes on a map, as well as the traffic goals, processes, and projected results.

We have done our best to optimize these images for our website, but please be aware that they are large. They may take a while to load, and are best viewed on a larger screen. To view larger versions in Chrome, left mouse-click on the image and select "Open image in new tab." In Microsoft Edge, left mouse-click and select "Ask Cortana about this picture" then click "See full-size image."

Lane configuration and intersection details
Goals, Process, and Results image