Concept A | Parkway

The images below represent one of the two concepts that were presented at the March 4, 2020 Public Input meeting. The concepts were developed using input gathered at the first public input meeting in November 2019. With this input, the EPS Group, the engineering company contracted to assist with overall project design, developed two complete street concepts for additional public input.

Please note that the amenities--benches, light poles, specific plants, etc.--have not been selected. The images below use standard "placeholder" features to represent future placement of these types of amenities.

We have done our best to optimize these images for our website, but please be aware that they are large. They may take a while to load, and are best viewed on a larger screen. To view even larger versions in Chrome, left mouse-click on the image and select "Open image in new tab." In Microsoft Edge, left mouse-click and select "Ask Cortana about this picture" then click "See full-size image."

Elevation of Parkway Concept
Detail of Parkway Concept - Garden Ave, Water Harvesting, Shared use path
Details of Parkway Concept - overhead and elevation