Draining Your Pool

Pool, spa, and fountain water is heavily treated with chemicals that can be harmful to plants and aquatic life. Without ridding the water of harmful chemicals before you drain, plant and animal life in the City’s storm water system can be harmed. If you decide to drain into a City right of way, first make sure water is clear and free of debris and pollutants, and has been dechlorinated/debrominated. Use a test strip to ensure measures are “0.”

You’ll need a permit to drain your pool into the right of way, street, or gutter. Download one here then drop the completed form by the Public Works Department, 401 Giulio Cesare Ave. Questions? Call (520) 458-5775.

If you would rather drain your pool, spa, or fountain onto your own property, here are some tips to drain your water feature responsibly:

  1. Instead of draining the water into the street, use it to water your nearby landscape. Remember to remove your chlorine source and let the water sit for 48 hours before using it to water plants.
  2. Slow the discharge to a trickle so you don’t overwater plants or cause runoff onto rights of way or your neighbors’ property.
  3. Filter backwash water cannot be discharged into public rights of way; it can only be discharged onto your own property.