Council approves annexation of Big O Tires property

Adam Curtis Public Affairs Press Releases

The Sierra Vista City Council unanimously approved the annexation of the Big O Tires property located at 1988 S. Highway 92 at its regular meeting on Thursday.

The property owner, Cochise Roadworks LLC, agreed to sign a pre-annexation agreement for the property in 2019 if the City agreed to construct and finance a driveway access located within the Avenida Cochise right-of-way. The driveway was recently completed and City staff filed a petition for annexation on June 12. With the Council’s approval Thursday, the petition may be signed to finalize the annexation upon the end of the 30 day filing period on July 12.

The City Council also unanimously approved pre-annexation agreements for four properties in the Fry Townsite county enclave based on the property owners’ desires to connect to the City’s sewer system in the future.

Two properties, located at 314 and 216 N. 2nd Street are owned by the Cochise College Foundation, which received them from the City in 2018 as part of an effort to clean up blighted properties in the area. The foundation has used the properties to grant Cochise College students construction experience by building news homes on the sites.

The other two properties are owned by Mr. Fix It Properties LLC and are located at 125 N 5th Street and 113 N 5th Street.

In other business, the City Council approved an ingress/egress utility easement in the Plaza de Colibri Subdivision.

Details on these council items are available in the supporting documents for the Thursday, July 9, City Council meeting. They can be accessed via the City’s document server at

City Council meetings can be streamed live and past meetings can be viewed on YouTube. The meetings are also aired on Cox Channel 12. Learn more at