Bus Buddy Travel Training Program

What is Travel Training?

Free personalized training for individuals or groups wanting to learn how to navigate Vista Transit’s fixed route bus system.

Who Can Participate?

Travel training can be conducted for groups or individuals, and can be tailored to fit different schedules and needs. Anyone unfamiliar with public transit or riding Vista Transit buses — first-time riders, experienced riders wanting to learn new routes, children and teens commuting to and from school, older adults, persons with disabilities, and those new to Sierra Vista.

How Does it Work?

Travel training is provided by volunteers called “Bus Buddies” who are familiar with all aspects of the Vista Transit system. A “Bus Buddy” will introduce you to the transit system, show you where to find schedule information and bus stop locations, and teach you how to ride the bus. Your orientation will begin at the Vista Transit Center, located at 2050 E. Wilcox Drive, and will include a ride on a Vista Transit bus to a destination of your choice.

Get a Buddy or Be a Buddy

Whether you’re interested in becoming a volunteer bus buddy yourself or would like to request one to teach you how to use Vista Transit, you can call the Vista Transit Center at (520) 417-4888 or stop by in person to learn more!