The Engineering Division is responsible for overseeing the planning, design, and construction of the City’s streets, sewers, drainage ways, and public buildings/facilities. It consists of three primary sections: Engineering Services, Transportation Maintenance, and Water/Wastewater Services.

The Engineering Services Section is responsible for providing professional civil engineering design and project management support services to all City departments. It also provides technical engineering advice, analyses, drafting and mapping services, engineering designs, inspections, infrastructure planning, and construction management. It further provides review and inspection of public infrastructure improvement plans associated with private development.

Standard Construction Details and General Notes for Contractors and Public Works

If you would like to complete work in the right of way adjacent to your property, please download and complete the Right of Way Permit before starting your project. Completed permit applications can be submitted by email to

Please see Draining Your Pool for processes and permit information about draining a water feature such as a pool, spa, or fountain into the right of way, or just download the permit application here.