The Sierra Vista Municipal Airport (FHU), a general aviation facility, shares runways with Libby Army Airfield and serves Southeastern Arizona. See the Airport Rules and Regulations here.

The airport owns and leases tie-downs and hangars. The hangars are furnished with lighting, electrical outlets, skylights, roof turbine vents, and most have electrically operated doors. The hangars are located at the general aviation apron site, and the lighted general aviation apron is secured from the public. Hangar lessees are provided access cards for security gates and have 24/7 access. An aircraft wash rack is located on site. In addition to the 62 hangars, 35 tie-down sites are located at the Sierra Vista Municipal Airport General Aviation apron. Call (520) 458-5775 to inquire about hangar and tie-down leasing and availability.

Short-term Lease

Long-term Lease

Hangar Size (W x D) Quantity Fee/Month (2018)
Small (old) 41 x 32.5 30 $255
Large (old) 46 x 33 8 $285
Ex-Large (old) 46 x 36 4 $315
Small (new) 41 x 32.5 18 $305
Large (new) 46 x 33 1 $355
Ex-Large (new) 47 x 32.5 1 $355
Tie-Down Sites Fee/Day Fee/Month (2018)
Small (single engine) $5 $45
Large (twin engine) $6 $65
Jet $10 $90
Helicopter $10 $100

You can pay your airport hanger and tie-down fees online! Click here, then enter your Customer Name and Customer Number, both of which can found on your bill.

Aviation Ground Services

Aviation Ground Services (AGS) is open from 7:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. The office is closed on weekends and City-recognized holidays. AGS sells Epic 100LL Av Gas, Epic Jet-A and miscellaneous pilot supplies.  A self-serve station with Epic 100LL is available 24/7/365.  For additional information regarding AGS services, please call the Airport Office at (520) 452-7091 or Public Works at (520) 458-5775 during normal business hours.

Flying into FHU

Sierra Vista Municipal Airport/Libby Army Airfield, is a very easy and friendly place to fly into. The restricted airspace (R-2303 A, B & C) is only active when the tower is open, and ATC provides simple instructions to approach and land. The key is to always listen to ATIS at least 10 nautical miles before reaching the airspace. ATIS will give the necessary instructions whether or not the Tower is open or closed. If the tower is open, approaching aircraft will be instructed by ATIS to contact Approach for clearance into the airspace. If the tower is closed, (that means the airspace is inactive) the airport is treated like any uncontrolled airport (self announce your intentions on CTAF).

Many approaches are available for practice by both students and rated pilots to use, and ATC is very cooperative in the use of these approaches. (ILS, GPS, VOR, PAR, & NDB)

Note 1:
The ramp on the south side of the airfield is for Military only. The ramp on the north side is for Civilian and General Aviation aircraft.

Note 2:
R 2312 for the Aerostat site, is 4 nautical miles south-southeast of the field, is active 24/7, and must be avoided at all times.


Lat/Long: 31-35-25.837N / 110-20-33.983W
Variation: 11 deg East
Phoenix – South VFR sectional
H-2C high altitude IFR
L-4F low altitude IFR
CIE (115.8) R-214 (39.0)
TUS (116.0) R-124 (42.2)

Identifier – FHU
Elevation: 4719 ft. / 1438.4 m (surveyed)
From City: Within city limits
Control Tower Hours: M – F from 0700 to 2300 (L), except holidays and weekends. Weekends by NOTAM.
International Ops: Not available at this time
Landing Fee: None
Runways: Three

  • 08-26 = 12,000 ft.
  • 12-30 = 5,366 ft.
  • 03-21 = 3,032 ft.

Click here for an aerial view of FHU and Airport Layout Plans Set.

Ground Transportation for Visitors

Sierra Vista Municipal Airport is convenient to the entire southeast Arizona Region. Downtown Sierra Vista is a just short ride away!

Ground Transportation

Enterprise Rent a Car, (520) 458-2425 or (800) 736-8222


Long and short-term parking is available at the Sierra Vista Municipal Airport, at no charge.

Aviation Instructors

Ruben Escobedo
Certified Flight Instructor CFI, CFII, MEI
E&M Aviation Services
(520) 508-6836 |
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AZ Dawn Sport Flying, LLC
Dawn E.L. Zurcher
(502) 730-4387

Airport Master Plan

Sierra Vista Municipal Airport is one of only 18 joint-use airports in the United States. As the civilian facility is entirely surrounded by the Fort Huachuca Army Base, this is a critical factor for continuing growth and development of the facility. The City benefits from the airfield facilities constructed for the use of the military, which also allows the civilian facility to accommodate a broad range of aircraft, from single engine piston to Boeing 747s. Subsequently, the City of Sierra Vista recently updated its 20-year Airport Master Plan that was adopted by the City Council in March 2013.

The Airport Master Plan is an evaluation of the airport’s aviation demand and an overview of the systematic airport development that will best meet those demands.  The Master Plan establishes development objectives and provides for a 20-year planning period that entails the rationale for various study elements to include airfield configuration, facility development, land use recommendations, and support facilities.  It also serves as a strategic tool for establishing airport improvement priorities and obtaining funding.

Special Event Application

If you’re interested in holding a special event at the Sierra Vista Municipal Airport, download and complete the application and return it to the Public Works Department at 401 Giulio Cesare Avenue no less than 30 days before your planned event.