Airport Commission

The Airport Commission was originally created by Ordinance 220 on April 12, 1973 as the Aviation Commission and re-established on December 12, 1996 as the Airport Commission by Resolution 3719. On May 28, 2020, Resolution 2020-028 was approved that dissolved the Airport Commission and re-established it as a City Department-affiliated nonregulatory Commission.

The Commission’s purpose is to of provide public input and citizen participation on the policies and procedures that affect the operation and use of the Sierra Vista Municipal Airport, and promote the growth and expansion of airport services to the general public.


The Airport Commission meets at least once every quarter. Agendas and meeting minutes are available online.

Member Term Ends
George Pohlman 12-31-2022
Alfred Joseph Spurgeon 12-31-2022
Sharon Flissar, Public Works Director | Staff Liaison