Filming in Sierra Vista

Southeastern Arizona’s filming opportunities and locations are countless. The terrain has many faces: bustling cities, forested mountain canyons, streams, lakes, rivers, grasslands and desert. Lonely railroad tracks and one-lane bridges are integrated into the landscape. Dirt roads stretch for miles into the horizon. Cattle ranches with wooden-slatted corrals reflect a time gone by.

Cochise County’s cities and towns range from the modern to the deserted. Architecturally designed sweeping rooflines mirror the trajectory of the encircling mountain ranges and views stretch for miles without interruption from telephone or electrical poles.

Vineyards and orchards, caves and mountain peaks, cactus and aspen. Modern guest ranches and deserted ghost towns. Parks and parking lots.

Sierra Vista is film-friendly and has had the pleasure of hosting production companies. We will be happy to work with you to find the exact location shot needed.

The City of Sierra Vista does not require a film permit, although we ask that you contact us prior to filming so that we can provide any services you may need, such as traffic support, additional contacts, and lodging opportunities. Please contact Judy Hector or call (520) 439-2191.