Request a Vacation House Check

The vacation house check program is a service offered by the Sierra Vista Police Department. While you are on vacation or away from home because of work, we will have our personnel check on your home periodically. In order to do this, there are a number of things we need to know. By completing the form that follows, you will provide us with the requisite information we need to do this.

Upon receipt of the electronic “vacation house check” request, you will be contacted by a member of the Police Department, at the phone numbers listed on this page to confirm the request and this information.

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    If your gate is locked, then the rear of your premises cannot be checked for security.

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    Description of Vehicle(s) on Property

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    Important Note for Residents

    Please remember to call back upon return. The maximum amount of time for house check is 30 days.


    There are limitations to this program however, this is not designed nor intended to be a long-term security service. In the event you require that level or duration of security, please contact a security vendor. This program is designed for short-term vacations or business travel. Therefore, please understand that SVPD House Checks are limited to 30-day intervals and will not be done for vacant properties, construction sites, or for realtors. If our officers determine that a property does not qualify based on these criterion, we will remove it from the list and contact you at the numbers you have provided. It is very important that all the applicable fields are completed on the form. In the event you have questions about the program please contact the police department at 520-458-3311.


    By submitting this form you certified you have read and agreed with the above for the Vacation House Check.

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