Bicycle Registration

Take some simple precautions to protect your bicycle from theft, including completing the registration form below to help police quickly identify your bike if it is found.

Once stolen, bikes are commonly altered with a new paint job and swapped parts to alter the bicycle's appearance. Because of this, bicycle owners who report a theft usually cannot provide any identifying information aside from the make, model, and color. Once a bicycle has been altered, it is difficult to identify it and return it to the owner.

Protect your Property

combination lock on a bicycle

First and foremost, bicycle owners should record the serial number. SVPD recommends taking a photo of the serial number and photo of the bicycle itself to have available if needed.

Complete the registration form below so that recovered bicycles and quickly be matched with information on file and returned to their owners.

Last, secure your bicycle with a high-quality bicycle lock. Be sure to secure the frame, not just a wheel, when locking your bike. If possible, store your bike inside a secure building.

Bicycle Registration Form

    In order to maintain accurate records, please notify the Sierra Vista Police Department at your earliest convenience with any changes to this registration information.

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