Crime Prevention

You can help stop crime by taking a few precautions.

Tips to prevent vehicle theft and burglary

  • Keep the doors locked even when you are driving.
  • Consider using a deterrent device such as a “Club” steering wheel lock, pedal jack, alarm, or starter interrupt switch.
  • Don’t leave the garage door opener on the visor or anywhere that it can be seen. Thieves will take your garage door opener so that they can commit an easy burglary as well.
  • Never leave valuables such as wallets, purses, computers, cell phones, or jewelry in plain view. Secure them in your trunk.
  • Valuables in the trunk can be at risk as well. Place them in the trunk before arriving at your destination.
  • Park your car in the garage then close the garage door.
  • Park in a well lit area if you expect to return to your car after dark.
  • Watch for suspicious people loitering or lurking in the area of parked vehicles.
  • Call the police immediately if property is stolen from your auto. Prepare a list of what was taken. The police will advise you further.
  • Register your vehicle in the free Watch Your Car Program.

Tips to prevent crime at your home

  • Keep your doors and windows locked.
  • Keep your yard neat and your landscaping trimmed.
  • Leave your front light on at night or install motion sensor lights in front and backyards.
  • Your front door should be solid core. Consider purchasing a steel security screen door.
  • Keep your garage door closed. Even when you are home.
  • Thieves can steal your mail and commit identity theft crimes. Don’t use a mailbox in front of your house to mail bills with checks in them.
  • When you move, re-key the locks of your new home.
  • Don’t hide keys in obvious places such as under a mat or on top of a doorframe.
  • Use your peephole before opening the door.
  • Disable and lock your RV/Motor home so it can’t be easily moved.
  • Lock and secure bicycles when parked—even in the garage.
  • Any firearms should be stored in a locked cabinet out of sight. Remove a working part from the firearm and store the ammunition separately. Record serial numbers and keep in separate secure place.
  • Photograph and record serial numbers of valuables such as TVs, stereos, computers, video games or anything of value that can be easily removed.
  • Lock up your lawn equipment such as lawnmowers, blowers, and trimmers in a secured area.

While Away on Vacation

  • Have a friend or a neighbor pick up the mail and newspaper.
  • Make sure someone is checking the house. Register with our Vacation House Check Request Form.
  • Make arrangements to have the lawn cut and the garbage put out.
  • Have timers set up to turn on lights, TV, and radios at random times throughout the day to make the home look and seem lived in.
  • Use a photosensitive motion sensor light for an outside light to make the home appear occupied.
  • Stop all deliveries.
  • Put valuables such as jewelry, large sums of cash, and documents in a safe deposit box.

Questions? Contact Susan Patatrefon.

Home Security Check Program

Call Cpl. Scott Borgstadt at the Sierra Vista Police Department (520-452-7500) to request a free home security check. During a Home Security Check, an inspection of the premises is conducted, including lights, locks, and landscaping. Recommendations for improving the safety and security of the premises are provided. The time needed to complete a survey depends on the size of the individual home.

Commercial Security Check

Call Cpl. Scott Borgstadt at the Sierra Vista Police Department (520-452-7500) to request a free security check for your commercial property. During the check, an inspection of the property is conducted, including lights, locks, and alarms. Recommendations for improving theh safety and security of the property. The time needed to complete a check depends on the size of the individual property.

Prevent Identity Theft

  • Don’t use your driver’s license or social security numbers on your checks.
  • Get your social security number changed on your driver’s license.
  • NEVER give your social security number over the phone or internet.
  • Keep all credit card receipts safe. Many criminals use numbers off receipts to defraud.
  • Shred credit card offers you get in the mail. Thieves steal mail and trash to get these.
  • NEVER give your credit card number to someone calling you, make charges only when you call. Card fraud investigators will never call and ask for your number and expiration date.
  • If someone has stolen your identity call the police and make a report. Then contact the Federal Trade Commission Identity Theft Hotline to notify and get advice on how to proceed.
  • Internet Crime Complaint Center
  • To report fraud to the FTC other than ID Theft call, 1-877-382-4357.