Magistrate Court

The Sierra Vista Magistrate Court provides all administrative and judicial support required by law to operate a non-record court in Arizona, including the processing and adjudication of criminal traffic, civil traffic, juvenile traffic, misdemeanors, city ordinances, juvenile alcohol offenses, orders of protection, injunctions prohibiting harassment, collection of fines and bonds, scheduling of trials (jury, non-jury), and scheduling of civil hearings. The court also is responsible for issuing warrants, summons, and subpoenas based on filed complaints. Administrative and clerical support for prosecuting attorneys are also provided by the court. Other public services provided include registering people to vote, witnessing ballots when applicable, releasing information to the public, armed forces, police agencies, and other courts.

The City of Sierra Vista currently provides this service through an intergovernmental agreement with Cochise County. The justice of the peace also serves as our magistrate or hearing officer.

Other Services

  • Initial appearances and arraignments.
  • Issuance of warrants and summons.