Service with Honor

Open and honest communication, both up and down the chain of command, is the key to success at the Sierra Vista Police Department.  The organization values input and feedback from all of the department's members as a means to strengthen its commitment to excellence.  The most important thing to remember--for a new and old department members alike--is that SVPD has a wide-open door policy.  There is always someone in this agency who is willing to discuss any problem, whether it be personal or work-related.

The Sierra Vista Police Department has operated for decades in accordance with a service-oriented program.  This program has evolved over the years from a program of client service to a core value of “Service with Honor.”  SVPD defines Service with Honor as “To aid or be helpful to all people with honesty, fairness, and integrity.”  The people the department serves are more than clients or customers and they deserve to be treated like human beings.  The people includes both the public served and those with whom department members serve.  The Service with Honor program recognizes that department employees are really family members and should treat each other as such.

SVPD members have joined a culture with a reputation of being professional, proactive, innovative, and exceptional.  It becomes the responsibility of department members to define the future culture of the Sierra Vista Police Department by their actions and attitudes today.  That means that behaviors and beliefs must reflect the behaviors and beliefs laid out by those who came before, because actions today determine how the community of Sierra Vista will define the agency tomorrow.