Youth Commission

Originally created as the Youth Council in 1972, the body was restructured as a commission in 1996 by Resolution 3716. On May 28, 2020, Resolution 2020-028 dissolved the Youth Commission and re-established it as a City Department-affiliated nonregulatory commission.

The purpose of the Youth Commission is to advise on matters of concern to the youth of Sierra Vista, to recommend and encourage action programs and legislation beneficial to the youth of the community, to promote better understanding and integration of youth and the local government, and to assist in the planning, operation, and evaluation of the local service delivery system for youth-related services as consumers of these services.


The Youth Commission meets quarterly. Agendas and minutes can be found online.

Member Term Ends
Ashley Flissar 12-31-2022
Ashlynn Lewis 12-31-2022
Vacant 12-31-2020
Vacant 12-31-2020
Vacant 12-31-2020
Emily Duchon, Library Manager | Staff Liaison