Discovery Packs, Fitness Kits, Pretend & Play

Discovery Packs

Explorers looking to make amazing discoveries in our community can check out a “Discovery Packs” at the Sierra Vista Public Library. These packs allow for fabulous fun for explorers of all ages and can be checked out for two weeks. All that’s needed is a library card.

For those who love to view the stars but can’t afford to buy a telescope, look no further than the “Star and Moon Telescope Packs.” Offered with the help of the Huachuca Astronomy Club, these packs have been made available to all aspiring astronomers and are perfect for beginning and expert astronomers alike. The packs each include a telescope, stand, astronomy guide, and manual. The smaller telescope is best suited for viewing the moon in detail, while the star telescope offers a bit better definition for viewing starts and planets.

Do you love birding or butterfly watching? The “Birding/Butterfly Pack” is just for you! This pack—sponsored by The Friends of the Sierra Vista Public Library — comes with two binoculars, one for adults and one for children, and identification guides, making it a great pack for the whole family to enjoy.

Body and Brain Fitness Kits

Exercise both your body and your brain with a variety of fitness kits available to check out for two weeks at a time. Fitness kits include instructional DVDs and equipment for a variety of workouts. The brain fitness kits feature fun games to stimulate creativity with words and numbers.

Fitness kits include: Fit Punch, Fit Tai Chi, Fit Yoga, Fit Crunch, Fit Kettlenetics, Fit Power Ball, Fit Croquet, and Fit Jarts.

A backpack, hat, pair of binoculars, and children's wildlife books.Pretend and Play Kits

Patrons can check out a variety of Pretend and Play Kits designed to spark young children’s imaginations! The kits are geared for toddlers through pre-K and explore a variety of professions and activities. Parents of older children are welcome to try them out if they think their children would enjoy them too!

The Pretend and Play Kits are available for two-week check out and currently include: breakfast, camping, fishing, doctor, scientist, baker, builder, cleaner, gardener, and park ranger.

To learn more about the library’s Discovery Packs, Fitness Kits, or Pretend and Play Kits call (520) 458-4225 or stop by the circulation desk.