Special Events

Enjoy special events throughout the year, including the Fourth of July Celebration, Veterans Day, Oktoberfest, Movies and Concerts in the Park, and the Christmas Tree Lighting and Old World Santa’s in December.

Find dates and events here.

Holding a special event in one of Sierra Vista’s parks or streets? If so, you’ll need to apply for a permit. There are two types of special event permits, a Community Event and an Organized Competitive Event.

Community Event

A Community event includes events that appeal to a broad range of ages and interests, such as cultural, artistic, educational, or entertainment events, or one that combines two events such as a race along with an exhibition in the park. Download the Community Event Info Packet and a Community Event Permit Application.

Organized Competitive Event

An Organized Competitive Event includes any event that takes place on public property, including parks, streets, and sidewalks that is open to the general public and appeals to a broad range of ages and interests, and offers a competitive athletic tournament or physical fitness event with prizes awarded. The event could be for fitness, education, or entertainment. If your competitive event also includes an exhibition in a park, please use the community event application instead. Download the Organized Competitive Event Info Packet and Organized Competitive Event Permit Application.

Questions? Email EventPermit@nullSierraVistaAZ.gov.