Leisure Classes

We offer a wide variety of leisure classes for residents of all ages! Just click “upcoming sessions” to learn more about a particular class. If we don’t have a session scheduled to start soon, you won’t get any results but be sure to check back later! Ready to register? Click here. For more information, or assistance with registration, call (520) 458-7922.

Are you interested in starting a new leisure class as an instructor? Click here to find information on how to submit a proposal to the City.

Arts & Crafts

  • Busy Fingers

    The “yarn babes” have combined knitting and crocheting into one class. Come on down and join the fun! Upcoming sessions.

  • Glaze-a-Piece

    Come to the Sierra Vista Pottery Studio during Open Lab and enjoy glazing a pottery mug, bowl, or choose from an assortment of whimsical characters, animals, and fun pieces. Upcoming sessions.

  • Open Lab

    Explore, experiment, and improve your pottery skills through self-directed work during open lab sessions for potters at any level. Upcoming sessions.

Good Health

  • Fit & Fabulous

    Looking for a way to improve the quality of your life? This fun class, taught by certified senior exercise instructors, helps maintain your strength, fitness, and flexibility. Upcoming sessions.

Kids’ Stuff

  • Kids Drama

    This class will offer different dynamics of the theater acting warm ups, prop and costume design and fun for your child’s creative side. Open to ages 6 to 12. Upcoming sessions.

  • Kids in the Kitchen

    Join Cynthia from the U of A Cooperative Extension of Cochise County as she presents a 4 week program for kids. They will learn to eat healthy meals and snacks by participating in hands-on experiences that teach them how to prepare food. Upcoming sessions.

Special Interest

  • Basic Archery

    Learn the fundamentals of archery and become a better archer with proper instruction. Open to adults and children ages 10 and up. Upcoming sessions.

  • Advanced Archery

    This archery class is for students who have completed other archery classes. Open to adults and children ages 10 and up. Upcoming sessions.