Employee Benefits

Did you know that your salary or wage is only part of your total compensation package? While this number is often used to compare job opportunities, the City of Sierra Vista offers many benefits that increase the value of your compensation package!

Benefits and Cost to Employee (monthly)
Health Insurance Employee Add Spouse Add Child/Children* Family Plan*
PPO $0 $421.56 $291.14 $622.01
HDHP $0 $367.27 $252.55 $529.09

*Same rate for any number of children or any number of immediate family members.

Other Insurance Employee Cost
Dental $0
Short-term Disability $0
Life Insurance ($50,000)* $0

*Option to purchase up to $250,000.

Other benefits include employee-paid vision insurance, AFLAC, Legal Shield, and discounted health club memberships.

Build a retirement fund Public safety employees participate in the Public Safety Personnel Retirement System (PSPRS).  All other employees participate in the Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS). The City contributes to both of these plans on the employee's behalf.

Interested in pursuing a degree? Classified employees may request education assistance to purse a degree program in a City-related field. Tuition assistance for undergraduate level courses is available at 50% of tuition costs up to $400. Tuition for graduate level courses is available at 50% of tuition costs up to $475.  And 50% of the cost for books and related fees are also paid by the City.