Standard Operating Procedures

The Regional SOP Oversight Committee was formed in January of 2015 by the Fort Huachuca Fire Department, Palominas and Fry Fire Districts and Sierra Vista Fire & Medical Services. The committee has been tasked with developing and implementing regional SOPs to ensure safe, effective, and congruent fire and EMS incident scene operations within the greater Sierra Vista Area. The committee has established a target completion of July, 2016 for all SOPs. As SOPs are approved they will be added to this section.

  • Command Procedures

    Command Procedures, Accountability, On-Deck Assignments, and Rapid Intervention Teams. Read SOPs.

  • Basic Groups

    After Actions Review. Read SOPs.

  • Fire Operations

    Fireground Strategies, Critical Fireground Factors, Mayday Procedures, Fire Attack, Truck Company Operations, SCBA, Vehicle Fires, Fire Investigations, Vehicle Fires, and Rule of Air Management. Read SOPs.

  • Medical Operations

    Medical Operations, Triage, Treatment, Extrication, Transportation, Rescue Task Force Read SOPs.

  • Special Operations

    Swift Water Rescue, Confined Space Rescue, Carbon Monoxide Emergencies, Hazmat Initial Response. Read SOPs.

  • Communications, Deployment & Response

    Communications and Deployment. Read SOPs.

  • Special Considerations

    Critical Incident Stress Management, Cyanide Antidote Kit, Hazardous Exposures, Alarm Activations, Reptile Removal, Aircraft Emergencies. Read SOPs.