Our Mission

We, the members of Sierra Vista Fire & Medical Services, will passionately serve our community by being helpful and kind. Always.

Our mission statement was written by our firefighters. As we worked on it, the common theme was that fire department mission statements are always the same; we will protect and serve; we will respond quickly; we will protect against fires, medical emergencies, and disasters—all inherent to the job. We wanted our mission to reflect our attitude toward serving the community. We will do all those things that others’ missions say; however, we want you to know that our passion is to always be helpful and kind.

Our mission statement exemplifies the people in our organization. We are proud that we hire great people who have good, solid values. We provide them with outstanding training, which results in the best firefighters and EMS professionals anywhere.

We are proud of our organization and we invite you to spend time visiting us, whether in person at one of our firehouses, or virtually through the City’s website. Either way, our goal is for you to get to know us, our stations and apparatus, and to discover the many programs and services we offer on fire prevention, health and safety, CPR, and many other topics.

Thank you for visiting our website! We invite you to also visit us in person. Stop in for a station tour and a cup of coffee. It is always fresh and is known to be some of the best! These are your fire stations and your apparatus; you simply allow us to use them, and we all appreciate that!

Brian Jones
Fire Chief