Emergency Response Services

Fire Response

Firefighting is a high-risk, low-frequency activity for fire department personnel. Because of this, Sierra Vista firefighters train constantly to stay up on their skills and prepare for the next emergency.

Through collaborative agreements between agencies in the greater Sierra Vista area, emergency service providers are able to respond more efficiently and safely.

Emergency Medical Response

Sierra Vista Fire & Medical Services responds to EMS calls, accounting for 85 to 90 percent of the total call volume. All Sierra Vista Fire & Medical personnel are certified EMTs and paramedics, who are cross-trained in firefighting. More than half of the personnel are certified paramedics. Like firefighters, EMTs and paramedics are constantly training to keep up their skills and certifications so they can provide the best service possible.

EMS calls are identified as priority 1 or priority 2. On priority 1 calls, the most serious, one paramedic engine or ladder truck and one ambulance are dispatched; whereas, priority 2 calls, which are typically non-emergent, get a paramedic engine or ladder to assess the patient. This tiered response ensures that ambulances are available for critical calls, and when a transport need is identified. Another benefit of the tiered approach is that it reduces the number of “Code 3” responses (lights and sirens) by our large vehicles, which reduces the risk posed to other motorists.

Ambulance Billing Rate

As of May 4, 2020, the rate for an ambulance transport to the hospital is $1,018.10 with an additional $17.91 per mile for both advanced and basic life-saving transports.

Special Response

Sierra Vista Fire & Medical Services has multiple members trained in the disciplines of technical rescue, hazardous materials and mass-casualty response.

Metropolitan Medical Response System (MMRS)

Members of Sierra Vista Fire & Medical serve as a part of the MMRS task force and planning team, and meet with Tucson Fire Department and other Tucson area representatives every other month. Sierra Vista Fire & Medical Services have participated in a full scale exercise (FSE) in Tucson every year since 2008.  Other agencies we train with include:

  • Fire Agencies
    • Tucson Fire Department
    • Northwest Fire/Rescue District
    • Golder Ranch Fire District
    • Rural/Metro Fire Department
    • Drexel Heights Fire District
    • Green Valley Fire District
    • Tucson Airport Fire Department
    • Picture Rocks Fire District
    • Rincon Fire District
    • Corona De Tucson Fire District
    • Raytheon Fire Department
  • County
    • Pima County Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security
    • Pima County Health Services
  • Hospitals
    • University of Arizona Medical Center; University Campus
    • University of Arizona Medical Center South Campus
    • St. Mary’s Hospital
    • Northwest Hospital
    • Oro Valley Hospital
    • Tucson Medical Center
    • St. Joseph’s Hospital
    • VA Hospital