Low Cost of Doing Business

Arizona prides itself on offering one of the lowest cost areas of doing business in the United States, primarily because of low taxes and small state government. After a recent phasedown, Arizona’s corporate taxes are near the nation’s lowest at 4.9%. While the national average of per-capita income going to taxes is 9.9 percent, here the number is only 8.8%. In addition, Arizona’s taxes on property, gas and personal income remain low compared to the rest of the country. The average costs for workers compensation are another advantage, with Arizona among the lowest nationwide.

Property taxes in Sierra Vista, at 0.1136 percent, are far below the state’s average (0.68) and even lower than the nation’s average of 1.15 percent. In fact, Sierra Vista has one of the lowest combined property and retail transaction privilege taxes in Arizona.

City/Town 2016 Combined Property Tax City Retail TPT Overall Retail TPT
Chandler 1.16 1.5% 7.80%
Gilbert 1.0609 1.5% 7.80%
Huachuca City 1.25 1.50% 7.60%
Scottsdale 1.129 1.65% 7.95%
Yuma 1.8281 1.70% 8.41%
Sierra Vista 0.1136 1.9.%5 8.05%
Mesa 1.1578 1.75% 8.05%
Peoria 1.44 1.80% 8.10%
Benson 0.5838 3.50% 9.60%
Bisbee 2.5873 3.50% 9.60%