Business-forward Regulation

The State of Arizona has made a concerted effort in recent years to create a business-friendly, minimalist regulatory environment by cutting red tape and by repealing overly burdensome regulations that would otherwise make business more difficult for companies in the state. Sierra Vista has followed suit.

Business-friendly Arizona

In response to calls from the Arizona business community for streamlined regulation, the Governor and Legislature approved fundamental changes in the administration of Arizona’s transaction privilege tax system. These changes streamline tax collection and eliminate the need for multiple (state and local) tax licenses, tax returns and tax audits.

The state’s commitment to reducing red tape and paperwork makes it considerably easier and more efficient for businesses to locate, expand, and start up in Arizona.

Sierra Vista Permitting

The City of Sierra Vista has followed the State’s lead in being proactively business-friendly with our permitting processes, creating as much flexibility as possible. We understand that time is money in the business world and act as your partner through the processes, helping you to deliver a premier project without being mired in bureaucracy. Here’s how:

  • Pre-submittal meetings are required for site development and subdivision work.  These meetings help preempt concerns long before expensive, detailed development plans are drawn.
  • Staff is readily accessible at any time for questions or meetings.  Phone calls and e-mails are typically answered the same day.
  • Once plans are submitted they are moved into the review process the same day.
  • Review times are reasonable.  Depending on the complexity of the project, first review comments for plats, site plans and large projects are returned within two to three weeks.
  • Site development approvals occur administratively via a Development Review Committee (DRC) that includes staff reviewers and at least one Planning and Zoning Commission member.
  • Architectural reviews also are administrative with the primary review conducted by Community Development staff.
  • Architectural guidelines are conceptual and broadly interpreted.
  • The City works with developers on more complex projects to address areas where site constraints or other challenges cause problems in terms of the Development Code by using development agreements to proactively address concerns.
  • Development on the West End (west of 7th Street, north of Golf Links Drive) benefits from being located within the City’s “Infill Incentive” area.   The provisions in the adopted policy allow flexibility due to small lots and other development constraints.
  • Building permits can be submitted online.