Interactive Maps

Use the interactive tools below to learn about Sierra Vista's business inventory, zoning, development, demographics, and more.

Sierra Vista Prospector

Use the Sierra Vista Prospector Tool at the Arizona Commerce Authority website to find workforce information, business clusters, properties, and other data needed for site selection.

Business Inventory

GIS data with business names, types, parcel numbers, estimated interior square footage, and vacancy contact information, where applicable. Updated semiannually.

Setback Reference Map

Find setback for residential lots using this Residential Setback Reference Map.

State Demographics

Find demographic data, including age, race and ethnicity, education, veteran status, and more.

Sierra Vista Parks

GIS map with park locations and recreation amenities within Sierra Vista's extensive park system.

Improvement Projects

Current as of 2017. GIS data about capital improvement projects in Sierra Vista, including road work, public facilities repairs, construction projects, and more.

Developer's Portal

Current as of 2017. GIS data for the land developers. Find zoning, utilities, traffic counts, parcel information, and more.

Realtor's Portal

Current as of 2017. GIS data with land information for realtors. Find information about Sierra Vista properties, such as permit history, floodplain, water franchise areas, and more.