Thanks to its world-class attractions, diverse wildlife, natural beauty, and enviable climate, Sierra Vista’s tourism industry generates hundreds of millions of dollars annually. Visitors flock to Sierra Vista from all over the world to find many species of birds that are rarely seen in any other part of the United States. The San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area serves as a key migratory conduit for birds traveling between the United States and Mexico, making spring and fall great times to plan a visit. Birds like the elegant trogon are almost never seen anywhere else in the country but can be found in Ramsey Canyon Preserve and other nearby canyons during the spring mating season. Of the 300-plus species of birds commonly seen around Sierra Vista, more than a dozen are varieties of hummingbirds, earning Sierra Vista the moniker of “The Hummingbird Capital of the United States.”

But Sierra Vista isn’t just for the birders. Featuring 29 miles of shared use paths and 19 miles of bike lanes that connect into a network of trails winding up the slopes of the Huachuca Mountains, the community harbors an active cycling and mountain biking scene. With the start of the Arizona trail heading north into the towering Huachucas, Sierra Vista also offers hikers and backpackers an escape from Arizona’s intense heat. With peaks soaring to nearly 9,500 feet, the Huachuca Mountains form a unique geography, called Sky Islands, that create a unique ecology and provide habitat to myriad species of flora and fauna. Wildlife and bird watchers, hikers, and even spelunkers  explore nooks and crannies, and biologists settle into their research.

Hiking, biking, and birding can leave visitors feeling famished and fortunately there’s no shortage of dining options. The presence of Fort Huachuca has attracted a diverse mix of cultures, resulting in a vibrant culinary scene that’s been showcased in national media. The local examples of authentic German, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Korean cuisine are complemented by outstanding eateries geared to American fare.

Tourism marketing has been identified as a top priority for the Sierra Vista City Council and staff has responded with a comprehensive plan to carry its message to target markets in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. A branding initiative set the tone for this effort, creating a unifying message to share with its residents and visitors. These projects will ensure Sierra Vista and the surrounding region remain a “must see” for travelers.  To learn more about what Sierra Vista has to offer, check out the tourism website.