Top Notch Schools

Sierra Vista is home to one of the top community colleges in the nation, the headquarters of the University of Arizona School of Applied Science and Technology, one of the nation’s top schools for cyber operations and cyber security. Add a varied selection of K-12 options that significantly exceed state averages in performance, and Sierra Vista offers everything students need to succeed.

However, Cochise College is far from the only choice for higher education.  Cochise College also partners with Arizona State University to offer bachelor’s programs, while Wayland Baptist University offers bachelor’s and master’s programs, and University of Arizona School of Applied Science and Technology offers bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD degrees. Moreover, Sierra Vista’s educational pathway starts with a robust offering of K-12 schools, which significantly outperform their peers in the state.

With that said, Sierra Vista is looking for additional opportunities to provide our K-12 and higher learning students with additional opportunities, particularly in the STEM fields. With our interconnectivity, available buildings, and terrific quality of life, Sierra Vista offers unlimited opportunities for educational institutions looking to expand.