WaterSense Toilet Rebate

The City is offering rebates when you install an EPA WaterSense-approved toilet as part of its ongoing water conservation efforts. By replacing your existing toilets with a model that uses 1.28 gallons or less per flush, you can receive a rebate of $50-$100.

Limit 2 per household. All rebates will be provided on a first come, first served basis for Sierra Vista residential City Sewer customers only, subject to availability of funds.

Scroll down to complete the rebate application online or download a printable application here.

Rebate Amounts

Replace 5 gpf toilet (pre-1980) with 1.28 gpf toilet = $100 rebate

Replace 3.5 gpf toilet (1981-1994) with 1.28 gpf toilet = $75 rebate

Replace 3.5 gpf (1981-1994) with 0.8 gpf toilet = $100 rebate

Replace 1.6 gpf toilet (1995-2008) with 1.28 gpf = $50 rebate

Replace 1.6 gpf toilet (1995-2008) with 0.8 gpf toilet = $75 rebate

When shopping for your replacement toilet, look for the gallons per flush (gpf), which is often stamped on the toilet itself.

The City recommends that the installation be performed by a licensed, qualified plumber and that sewer lines be cleaned at the time of installation if they have not been cleaned within the prior 12 months.

Tenants and renters who wish to participate should contact the property owner/manager. Rebates require the consent of the property owner on the application itself. It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure proper installation.

Toilet Rebate Application

Customer name

Phone number


Mailing address (Street address or PO Box)



Zip Code

Volume (gpf) of replaced (old) toilet

Volume (gpf) of new toilet

Number of toilets replaced

Purchase date of 1.28 gpf or less Water Sense toilet

Store where replacement toilets were purchased

Address where toilets were installed:
Street Address



Zip Code

Was the house built before 2013?

Toilet installation date

Attach a photo of your original receipt (required). Please note that if your photo is larger than 6MB, it will not load. If you are unable to resize your photo, please apply in person at City Hall.

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